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tv   Journal  PBS  July 26, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> you are watching "the journal." >> welcome. >> he appears insane, the attorney for the norwegian mass killer says that his client is living in a bubble. the airlift of food to east africa is postponed. can israeli musicians ever performed a fog near peace in germany? -- a wagner piece in germany? is he insane? so far, it appears that way.
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that is what the lawyer for anders breivik says about his client. >> the see of flowers continues to swell. norwegians are still trying to come to terms with their loss. they are still bewildered that one man could cause such destruction. >> i don't think that there is a punishment that matches the cruelty and evil of this man. it is up to the courts to decide. >> this is anders breivik leaving his closed door hearing. he confesses to the killing but
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he does not consider himself guilty of a cme. his lawyer thinks he is insane. >> he believes that he is in a war. he believes that when you are in war, you can do things like that without being guilty. >> police are combing this farm where anders breivik is believed to have planned his attacks. the government has defended the country's security services. they have been criticized after breivik was flagged for monitoring after he bought chemicals that could have been used in a bomb. people in norway are not looking for someone to blame, there still in mourning. >> we spoke to our correspondent in oslo about the first signs of a defense strategy for anders breivik. >> it seems like that is the way the defense is going. they have quite the dilemma
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because he has confessed to the bombing in the government block as well as the massacre on the island. he has said that he found the acts atrocious but necessary. is to be quite difficult. right now, it looks like they will be going for that feat of -- plea of insanity. >> across europe, there is worry that the attack in norway could in boldly and other far right fanatics. lawmakers in germany are calling for harder surveillance of suspicious groups. the government says that a monitoring is adequate and police are doing a good job. to the opposition says that the attacks show the potential risks. >> a representative from the social democratic party says that much during of right-wing
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extremists should be improved and more personnel and money is needed. >> it seems to me that the police only had a few specialists. in light of the events in our way, surveillance must be enhanced. -- in light of the offense in norway. >> the intelligence ancy devotes several pages to right wing extremism on the internet and says that it is a significant threat. current monitoring practices are adequate and that the police are doing a good job. an expert in right wing extremism says there's plenty of information available about the right wing seeing -- scene. >> the question is what do you do with this knowledge? at the momen there are a few possibilities of approaching the
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issue of clothes. we have to undertake a greater effort to lay down a strategy. >> the interior ministry says there's no reason to expect right wing terrorist attacks in germany. >> 70 people are dead after a moroccan military aircraft crash in the south of the country. officials say the plane slammed into a mountain as attended -- attempted to land after a flight fm the disputed rrity o e western sahara. the military says bad weather caused the crash. six french soldiers serving with the u.n. peacekeeping force has been injured in a roadside bomb blast. this happened near a port city. hospital sources say one of the injured is in critical condition. people last four of the investigation to began and for
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the colts to -- have asked for th investigation t began and 40 call press to be caught. the food airlift was supposed to begin today to somalia and kenya. now it will fly on wednesday. 11 million people are threatened by famine, hundreds of thousands are waiting for food in camps all along the horn of africa. >> they keep on streaming into kenya even of the camp is bursting at the scenes. there are 400,000 people here and much more are arrive every day. many are in a desperate state. the international community is planning to deliver aid directly to somalia. >> we have to make every effort possible to bring help inside somalia both to prevent people from having to take the long
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walk to assistance across borders and then potentially create a refugee problem. also, because time is not our friend. >> the situation in somalia is dire. at this makeshift camp in mogadishu, the islamist rebels on not as strong here in the capital as in the south here. -- are not as strong here in the capital as in the south. here, there is fertile food, drinking water, or medicine. >> we have been displaced by a terrible drought. we nd he. >> supplies needed to arrive fast and in large amounts to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in east africa. >> a terrible story. monica is here to talk about some corporate results. >> results from the largest
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commercial lender >> deutsche bank, cayman lower-than- expected. -- results from the largest commercial lender, deutsche bank, came in lower than expected. -- will chair the bank's supervisory groups. >> -- is confident they will achieve record profits. he is said to turn over the reins of the banks to his two top executives. one is head of the investment banking operations. the other is the head of the business in germany. is respoible for the retail business and he is well connected with the top policymakers. there is some concern about his future position as head of the
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bank's supervisory board. >> the company should never become so dependent on a single person. i don't like the idea if he is supervisory function. he is policing its own policies. >> 25% of shareholders must approve of him taking over the board. insiders say he is a shoe in for the job. >> poor earnings reports weighed on markets on tuesday. we wrap up the trading in frankfurt. >> the results of the largest commercial bank has been mainly in focus moving the market and can only recover at the end of trading. shares went up and down after the release of the numbers. there was still lower expectations.
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traders at the currency markets are reacting to the ongoing debt ceiling debate by selling the u.s. currency, the dollar fell sharply and the euro is that the highest of all in a month. >> let's take a look at the market numbers beginning in frankfurt or the benchmark closed the day's session 7349. the euro stoxx 50 closed down. the dow jones industrials also closed down by three-quarters of a percent and the currency market in the u.s., $1 for -- the u.s. could use -- the u.s. could lose its credit rating. barack obama is warning that the u.s. is just days to go before it faces economic meltdown unless this deal is reached to
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lift the national debt ceiling, america will default. republicans and democrats continued to pursue a competing plan said it appeared to have little chance of winning bipartisan support. >> the poker continues in washington with each party promoting their own debt ceiling scheme. john boehner calls his proposal a common sense plan. his deep cuts on spending for social programs simply goes too far for most demoats. it appears the differences between republicans and democrats remain too great for compromises. the white house has made it clear that time is of the essence. >> at the u.s. hit its debt limit in may and since may, the treasury secretary, using the authority that he has, has
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exercised all of the wiggle room available to him and that runs out on august 2nd. >> the manchin national monetary fund has time been -- the internionamonetary fd has chimed in. >> there must be sufficient plans or to address the issue of sovereign debt. frankly, to have a defaults or to have a significant downgrading of the u.s. signature would be a very very serious event. >> pressure is building on the markets. betting the wrong way on the impasse could cost investors dearly. >> and the largest electronics chain in europe is planning to cut 3000 jobs this year. the company blamed the layoffs on growing competition from internet retailers.
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they employ are around 68,000 people worldwide. the job cuts are part of a strategy to reduce overall costs. the last quarter, they incurred losses for the first time. >> at least 10 pele we killed on tuesday as a tropical storm swept over the eastern philippines. officials say that heavy rainfall has forced more than half a million people to flee their homes. but neurologists say the amount of rain and the last 24 hours exceeded the total average for july. the storm has gained strength and speed as it has for the philippines' main island. storm alerts are in effect for 30 provinces. nd palestinian observer in the u.n. has addressed the security council and calledy for u.n. recognition of a palestinian state. he said the time was ripe for a motion to be put before the
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general assembly to recognize a palestinian country. he said that statehood would not hurt the peace process but strengthen efforts to create a tuesday solution. the palestinians would like a state within the 1967 borders and with east jerusalem as the capital. jerusalem says that the state could should come at the end of peace negotiations. we will have more on that story coming up later on. few composers are as closely associated with the nazis as richard wagner. he was anti-semitic and he was a musical icon for a of hitler. public broadcasters in israel have banned his work and most broadcasters refuse to play him. that was not the case at the wagnerestival here in israel
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-- in germany. >> this is the founding society -- this is a founding member of the wagner society in israel. tonight is the world premie of a very special kind. wagner's great granddaughter attended the performance. the first piece that the israel chamber orchestra played was -- the concert started it new territory. >> i believe this is an encouragement for everyone working in this direction. >> -- was delighted.
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>> i think this was a historical moment in which we showed that art and culture have no borders. >> for one night, a shared love of music. >> amy winehouse's funeral has been held in london after a private ceremony for family and friends in a jewish cemetery, her body was taken to the -- amy winehouse was found dead in her flat in london on saturday. the cause of her death is not clear. she had been battling drug and alcohol problems. she was 27. stay with us, i will be right back with our in-depth report. don't go away.
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>> there was tears at the u.n. on tuesday. this began with a debate on the middle east but it turned into a dramatic dress rehearsal for the assembly conference. that is when the palestinian territories will seek recognition as a state. their representative called on the israelis to end their occupation. the israeli ambassador responded by asking who will ask for a palestinian state, mahmoud abbas or hamas? the palestinians and israelis have been farther away from peace then in a long time >> it is a new diplomatic strategy. mahmoud abbas is try to drum up support for a u.n. vote to
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recognize independent palestine. peace between the photog grouping and their rival, hamas. mahmoud abbas said that reconciliation between palestinian factions would strengthen the peace process and make a two-stage solution more likely. now, he ullike toet the world on board. the palestinians would like a new state comprising the west bank and gaza strip based on the borders before the war in 1967. the borders are far from the only issue to be resolved. the future of israeli settlements is a bone of contention as well as the future status of jerusalem and whether palestinian refugees should be allowed to return to their former homes. more than half of the member states have signaled support for a vote on statehood. many african nations are lining
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up support. some european members might come on board perhaps including scandinavian countries and france. germany says that they will not offer their support. they said a u.n. vote to recognize palestine would be counterproductive. >> is the good will is there on both sides, it is possible to get the peace process moving. this would be better than unilateral measures which do not helped. >> barack obama has also warned against a unilateral declaration of independence. >> the efforts to delegitimize efforts will end in failure. symbolic actions to isolate israel will not create an independent state. >> obama supports facing a future state on the 1967 borders. this has angered israel. at the same time, obama says that the palestinians must honor
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all previous agreents with israel. as september approaches, analysts say it is by no means certain that the u.s. will come to a vote on palestine. either way, the dispute might be about to enter a new phase. >> last month, the israeli foreign ministry warned that if you and recognizes the palestinian state, the 1993 oslo accords would be null and void. there are israelis who understand their neighbors desire for an independent state and there are palesnians to think that u.n. recognion would only make matters worse. listen to what they have to say. >> like millions of i.t. developers around the world, this man is young, creative, and optimistic. he has just lost his latest project called "hello
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palestine," which is a digital travel guide. -- he has just launched his latest project. >> is the first travel guide of its kind. we hope that it will help to bring tourists to palestine. i think this is a beautiful place. >> it takes a lot of hope to publish a travel guide for a state that does not exist and a territory whose access is controlled by the israeli army. he thinks is appropriate for palestinians to seek state recognition, but he is cautious. >> people are concerned about the political and economic consequences, so my. i am not at all sure what the situation will be like after statehood, but recognition must come. >> recent surveys suggest that more than half of all palestinians support mahmoud
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abbas's society -- desire to put up palestinian statehood for a vote. >> do we have a plan? is there a consensus? that is why people are distracted and confused. there is a division on how to realize this? the other groups are saying, no matter what, this is another step to challenge the israelis and show the world with a stand on palestinian rights. the world has been supporting --, why not palestine? >> people in the gaza strip are uncertain about what will happen. these people document daily life there. they're skeptical what the vote could mean for them. >> i hope that something will change. we have so often spoken of our desire for a palestinian state
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for recognition. we are really tired of all of these slogans. i asked myself with this will really put more pressure on israel so that they stick to the u.n. resolutions that are good for us and implement them. >> nothing will change, even if the state is recognized. we will not able to build a truly independent state where palestinians will be able to move freely. >> 60 kilometers to the north in tel aviv, it is like another world. this is a think tank that provides analysis for israeli policy makers. palestinian state hit as seen as a positive step. -- they'd put -- statehood is seen as a positive step. >> this would be a way to anchor
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the solution. we have the palestinian state and the state of israel and then we can negotiate in good faith. >> up until now, the government in israel has not shared this opinion. they're concerned about a political backlash of massive dimensions. -- is following the debate closely. she said that the prime minister's government should torpedo the palestinian initiative. >> they are trying to work on what they call a moralinority to convince europe not to support the palestinians on their efforts at the u.n. if you ask me about the israeli people, they are really concerned. >> many israelis have of the concerns.
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in tel aviv, people are demonstrating against an affordable housing. for some, theonflict is only one more thing to worry about. >> this was not so important to me. israel always puts security first. now, we have the opportunity to put other things on the agenda. we have a -- they have a right to a state of their own but not unilaterally. i hope that they can find agreement somehow. >> an agreement is nowhere in sight. the debate is only likely to he up as e vote its september approach is. >> that is been our in-depth report. a palestinian state, just a dream? thank you for watching. thanks for the company, everybody.
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ow! of course. thank you. i'd call her honeydew goodbody, not lisa. the very fact that she is called lisa proves that she exists.
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